“The moment always dictates in my work…. Everybody can look, but they don’t necessarily see.”-Andre Kertesz

Morgan Reynolds author Kem Sawyer has recently been revealed as the subject of one of Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz’s photos.

In 1962, Kertesz was strolling through Greenwich Village when he saw nine-year-old Kem sitting in her mother’s store window reading a Nancy Drew book, and he took her picture.

That photograph is now a part of Kertesz’s On Reading exhibit at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland.

According to the museum’s website, “On Reading . . . illustrates his penchant for the poetry and choreography of life in public and also private moments at home, examining the power of reading as a universal pleasure.”

Art Daily reported, “Although a lifelong reader, little did [Sawyer] know that one day she would become a children’s author herself.”

In fact, she has authored several books, including two Morgan Reynolds titles: Champion of Freedom: Mohandas Gandhi and, coming soon, Champion of Freedom Nelson Mandela.

Check out Kem’s books!

Champion of Freedom: Mohandas Gandhi (ISBN 9781599351667)

Champion of Freedom: Nelson Mandela (ISBN 9781599351674)

Adrianne Loggins
Associate Editor

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