America’s military budget is a large part of the budget, and military spending is a hot topic. If elected president, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney promises to spend an additional $2.1 trillion on the military over the next decade. President Obama promises to use the dollars that would have gone to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to rebuild roads, bridges, schools, and pay down U.S. debt.

 No matter where you stand on the issue, the expense of the U.S. military is huge. As Obama put it during the final presidential debate before the election, “We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined.”

 So what are American taxpayers getting for all their money? Don Nardo, author of a newly released seven-book series by Morgan Reynolds on the Special Operations divisions of the U.S. military, writes, “the special operations, or ‘special ops,’ fighters of the United States military are among the best trained combat experts in the world. Among them are the Army’s Rangers and Green Berets, the Navy SEALs and Special Boat Units, and the Air Force’s pararescuemen, or Pjs for short.”

 Navy SEALs, as everyone knows, killed Osama bin-Laden at his compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan. “In a secret message,” writes Nardo, “Obama ordered the Navy SEALs to begin training” for the mission, which involved sneaking into Pakistan in the dead of night. “Beginning in February 2011, they rehearsed every possible move they might make during the mission. A full-sized replica of the Pakistani compound was built . . . They hardened their muscles and sharpened their senses. In April, the Navy secretly flew the commandos to Afghanistan. There, the relentless training continued. Finally, they were ready. Obama gave them the go-ahead and the mission, code named Operation Neptune Spear, began.”

 Whether the next commander-in-chief of the United States is President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and regardless of where one or the other stands on military spending, one thing remains clear, according to Nardo: America’s current crop of highly skilled fighters are among the best in the world.

 Sharon F. Doorasamy

Managing Editor

 To learn more about The Military Experience: Special Operations, check out Don Nardo’s seven books in the series, Training (ISBN 978-1-59935-356-2), Weapons (ISBN 978-1-59935-358-6), Snipers (ISBN 978-1-59935-368-5), Reconnaissance (ISBN 978-1-59935-366-1), Paratroopers (ISBN 978-1-59935-360-9), Search and Rescue (ISBN 978-1-59935-362-3), and Amphibious Warfare (ISBN 978-1-59935-364-7).

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