“When you have a dream and you set your goals, you can achieve anything.”-Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz fought his last UFC bout on Saturday night.

Ortiz’s opponent was Forest Griffin, and their fight was the co-main event of UFC 148 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

USA Today reported, “Despite a gutsy effort that saw him continue to push forward throughout the 15-minute affair (and with little regard to his obvious fatigue), Ortiz wound up on the losing end of a unanimous decision.”

After the fight, Ortiz told reporters, “I went out on my shield as true warriors do…. I fought my heart out. I fought my soul out. I fought the way I wanted to fight. I gave everything out there.”

The thirty-seven-year-old had been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame earlier that day.

Jeff Savage, author of Xtreme Athletes: Tito Ortiz, wrote, “[Ortiz] was the poster boy for the UFC’s rise to prominence and will be remembered as perhaps the most colorful personality in its history.”

Reflecting on his career as an ultimate fighter, Ortiz said, “I think I did what I wanted to do in the sport. I have no regrets. I’m done.”

Adrianne Loggins
Associate Editor

For more information about Tito Ortiz and his career as an ultimate fighter, check out Jeff Savage’s Xtreme Athletes: Tito Ortiz (ISBN 9781599351841)

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“When I step in that cage…I put my heart on the line. And sometimes my heart is bigger than my body.” -Tito Ortiz

On Saturday, August 6, thirty-six-year-old Tito Ortiz lost UFC 133 to Rashad Evans with 12 seconds left in the second round.

Ortiz agreed to fight Evans after the original fighter on the card, Phil Davis, was injured.

UFC.com’s Michael DiSanto reported, “[Tito’s] decision to save UFC 133 by stepping in on extremely short notice for an injured Phil Davis is a decision that he will never regret, despite suffering just the third TKO loss of his career.”

DiSanto went on to say:

“Ortiz was coming off his first win since October 2006… He is also a guy who is borderline obsessive about his preparation and pre-fight planning. He knew that there was no possible way that he could get hisbody to peak again for UFC 133. He knew that it was likely that he woudl come up short against an opponent who is better at just about every aspect of the game. Thus, he knew that whatever momentum he created by beating Bader would instantly evaporate, if he lost to Evans. Yet he took the fight anyway.”

Ortiz is featured in a newly released Morgan Reynolds biography, which details everything from his early life growing up with drug-addicted parents to his rise from street thug to mixed martial arts champion. As Jeff Savage, author of the biography, wrote, “Tito Ortiz’s life has been a battle for survival.”

Though Ortiz lost UFC 133, DiSanto said he fought hard. And so did Dana White. In an interview with ESPN.com, White said, “He fought a great fight… Worthy of fight of the night.”

After the fight, Ortiz told ESPN.com, “My heart hurts, but I don’t regret it at all. I came in and I fought my ass off. I’m a fighter. I love fighting. When I get in that Octagon, it’s like an animal in a cage. I love it.”

Adrianne Loggins
Associate Editor

For more information on Tito Ortiz, see Morgan Reynolds’s Xtreme Athletes: Tito Ortiz (ISBN 9781599351841)

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